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Welcome to VideoHound Movie Lists. What exactly is a VideoHound Movie List? Well, we’re awfully glad you asked that question. A VideoHound Movie List is a collection of movies that share some groovy trait(s) that make us chuckle, giggle, or silently contemplate the nature of the universe (well, maybe less so the latter). So, we bundled them up, gave ’em a slick title and posted them on the site for your enjoyment.

Remember the obsessively nerdy list making in High Fidelity? Switch out the vinyl for celluloid, and that's us. Where else are you going to be able to look up lists of movies that all had scenes with exploding fish tanks or zombie soldiers? We’re taking film geek categorization to a whole new level.

VideoHound movie List of the Week

"Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, no matter what that coroner thinks!" So goes the familiar saying, or something like that. Though this condition can also result in being Buried Alive (see separate listing). We love zombie movies and that's why we've chosen this as our List of the Week.
March 16, 2011

In 1979, the British author Angela Carter published the book The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories, leading a movement of rescuing and updating common folklore and fairy tales from their homogenized fate as Disney fodder and children's bedtime reading. The following recommendations (the first one is based on Carter's works) ... Read More

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