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More Movies with Vincent Price
Edward Scissorhands 
(1990) PG-13 
(1989) R 
Dead Heat 
(1988) R 
The Whales of August 
(1987) Unrated 
The Offspring 
(1987) R 
(1986) Unrated 
Bloodbath at the House of Death 
(1985) Unrated 
The Monster Club 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 
House of the Long Shadows 
(1982) PG 
Scavenger Hunt 
(1979) PG 
(1974) Unrated 
It's Not the Size That Counts 
(1974) Unrated videoHound rating
Journey into Fear 
(1974) Unrated 
Theatre of Blood 
(1973) R 
Doctor Phibes Rises Again 
(1972) PG 
The Abominable Dr. Phibes 
(1971) PG 
Cry of the Banshee 
(1970) PG 
Scream and Scream Again 
(1970) PG 
The Trouble with Girls (and How to Get into It) 
(1969) G 
The Oblong Box 
(1969) PG 
The Conqueror Worm 
(1968) Unrated 
More Dead Than Alive 
(1968) Unrated 
The House of 1000 Dolls 
(1967) Unrated 
The Jackals 
(1967) Unrated 
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine 
(1966) Unrated 
Masque of the Red Death 
(1965) Unrated 
Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile 
(1964) Unrated 
Pirate Warrior 
(1964) Unrated 
Tomb of Ligeia 
(1964) Unrated 
The Comedy of Terrors 
(1964) Unrated 
The Last Man on Earth 
(1964) Unrated 
Diary of a Madman 
(1963) Unrated 
Beach Party 
(1963) Unrated 
The Haunted Palace 
(1963) Unrated 
Twice-Told Tales 
Tower of London 
(1962) Unrated 
Tales of Terror 
(1962) Unrated 
The Pit and the Pendulum 
(1961) Unrated 
Master of the World 
(1961) Unrated 
The Fall of the House of Usher 
(1960) Unrated 
Return of the Fly 
(1959) Unrated 
The Tingler 
The Bat 
(1959) Unrated 
The Big Circus 
(1959) Unrated 
House on Haunted Hill 
(1958) Unrated 
The Fly 
(1958) Unrated 
While the City Sleeps 
The Ten Commandments 
(1956) G 
Son of Sinbad 
(1955) Unrated 
Dangerous Mission 
(1954) Unrated 
Casanova's Big Night 
(1954) Unrated 
House of Wax 
(1953) PG 
The Las Vegas Story 
(1952) Unrated videoHound rating
His Kind of Woman 
Baron of Arizona 
(1951) Unrated 
Adventures of Captain Fabian 
Champagne for Caesar 
(1950) Unrated 
(1949) Unrated 
The Three Musketeers 
Up in Central Park 
The Bribe 
(1948) Unrated 
The Long Night 
(1947) Unrated 
(1946) Unrated 
(1946) Unrated 
Leave Her to Heaven 
The Keys of the Kingdom 
(1944) Unrated 
The Song of Bernadette 
The House of the Seven Gables 
(1940) Unrated 
Brigham Young: Frontiersman 
The Invisible Man Returns 
(1940) Unrated 
The Tower of London 
(1939) Unrated 
The Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex 
Service De Luxe 
(1938) Unrated 
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