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Madison Pettis - Filmography & Photos

Madison Pettis

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Football rules
Reviewed by Yipperbore for The Game Plan at 2008-03-10 15:03:59
I liked this movie slightly more than I like football, and by football I mean the literal act of taking a foot in the balls. This painful family movie was so grossly over the top sweet I found myself hoping for a different ending. One in which The Rock, in an ironic twist gets his bell rung so bad on the football field that he is reduced to having to be spoon fed like an infant by his daughter as she has to take on a full time job to pay for his medical bills (and acting lessons)..
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Depends on who you ask...
Reviewed by Malecken for The Game Plan at 2008-03-10 11:01:59
If you are between the ages of 6 & 9, this movie rocks! If you have to watch it with a 6 & 9 yr. old...not totally painful, but... Pettis & Sanchez are really endearing but The Rock could use some acting lessons.
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