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William Monahan - Filmography & Photos

William Monahan

Born:  November 3, 1960
Died:  May 12, 1990
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Filmography Writer
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Cool movie
Reviewed by HannaBella for Body of Lies at 2010-04-30 11:30:39
I read the book and then the movie came out and the movie was in my head all the time. but now i love this movie way a go leonardo Dicpario
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best Movie in 2006
Reviewed by HannaBella for The Departed at 2010-04-30 08:51:16
I loves this movie and but the rat in the movie is not coiln sullivan and is is realy Frank Costallo. and i hope there will be a 2 movie.
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Director's Cut is superior.
Reviewed by NWRdr4 for Kingdom of Heaven at 2010-01-31 16:10:58
Go see the director's cut--it's 45 minutes longer, and makes for a much more satsifying movie. It's grand, epic, and contains more plot and character development than the dumbed-down theatrical cut.
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Want more of BODY OF LIES?
Reviewed by VideoHound for Body of Lies at 2008-10-09 10:12:17
If you want to read more about BODY OF LIES, check out the MovieRetriever.com review in the BARKS WITH BITE blog by clicking HERE!
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Great Plot Twists
Reviewed by MGoBlue for The Departed at 2008-03-30 13:20:19
If you love movies that keep taking new turns and keep you guessing all the way through, then this is for you. And classic Nicholson
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