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Jean-Marie Blondel - Filmography & Photos

Jean-Marie Blondel

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Alain Resnais? ?Wild Grass? (2009)
Reviewed by actingoutpolitics for Wild Grass at 2010-07-21 20:08:09
Alain Resnais? ?Wild Grass? (2009) is about 21st century America all over. War in Iraq is Resnais? wild grass. Financial collapse and absurd behaviors which brought it about are the wild grass. Petroleum hemorrhage in the Golf of Mexico is wild grass. Tea party movement is wild grass. Anti-Obama jingoism is wild grass. Pop- and pet-movement against ?the government take-over? is again wild grass. Stara Perlin (Sara Palin) is a doll made of ?wild grass?. The magnificent cinematography, the virtuoso editing and monumental imagery are in a pointed (by the director) contrast to the pettiness and triviality of the characters? motivations. The shockingly banal images (such as Andre Dissolier unable to zip up his broken zipper ? a situation that is partially responsible for the plane crash) is an apotheosis of the film and reflection of what human beings including many of us, Americans, become in the age of global economy ? rude, predatory and obsessed with our impulses. ?Wild Grass? is about truth, and truth is not an easy thing to digest. Read the article about this film and other Resnais? films ?Warning Which Comes Too Late? and analysis of the shots at: www.actingoutpolitics.com By Victor
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Oliver Twist
Reviewed by Ventrillochef for Oliver Twist at 2008-08-15 15:50:08
a smashing good movie .... made me want to read the book
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