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Andrew Mondshein - Filmography & Photos

Andrew Mondshein

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A good movie,it's just a little silly.
Reviewed by LeoTs3181983 for The Hoax at 2010-11-12 10:52:33
The Hoax is a good movie,except it's just a little silly. But I still recommend you see it.
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I Can Barely Remember the Name of this Movie
Reviewed by www.BraidedThreads.blogspot.com for An Unfinished Life at 2008-08-28 12:53:44
Don't let all the famous movie stars fool you. This movie is really all about a bear. The most compelling character arc involves a noteworthy performance by a very well-trained bear. The bear even broke a couple of Robert Redford's ribs just to show him who was really the king of independent-cinema-land. But then Morgan Freeman kicked the bear's #!@%*# just by looking at him. But the story is still mainly about the bear.
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