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Jeremy Davies - Filmography & Photos

Jeremy Davies

Born:  October 28, 1969 in Rockwood, Iowa, United States
Nationality:  American
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Saving Private Ryan
Reviewed by Ventrillochef for Saving Private Ryan at 2009-08-10 13:57:29
Very awesome war movie..
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Very Good Movie
Reviewed by rqauma for Saving Private Ryan at 2008-06-05 06:42:26
It's been over a year since first seeing Saving Private Ryan -- it's a worthy effort by Speilberg--his best since Shindler's List by far. You've probably heard about the amount of violence, blood, and gore and that's all true--it's got the Viet Nam movie style violence (and then some) but it's not gratuitous. Were it sanitized like early WWII movies, modern audiences probably wouldn't take it as seriously.
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Essential viewing for American citizens
Reviewed by productguy for Saving Private Ryan at 2008-03-12 00:17:24
This is the best representation yet of the horrors witnessed by the kids sent to Europe to fight in the war. I found myself breathless at times. While their are references to factual events scattered throughout the movie, the fact that it is ultimately a work of fiction bothered me initially. Regardless, the battles portrayed in the film could have been ANY battle fought in the hedgerows and villages of Normandy during the summer of 1944. Can't wait to see
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