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Donnie Dunagan

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Son of Frankenstein (1939)
Reviewed by IlozZoc for Son of Frankenstein at 2009-12-08 15:56:18
The placelessness of Universal Studios' Grimm's fairy tale-like world of monsters and madmen is strongest here. The train that Baron Wolf Von Frankenstein and his family travel on to the cursed village of his father--which, oddly enough, is now named after the man who brought so much misery to it--seems modern enough; until it passes through a particularly dark and dreary landscape of withered, gnarled trees and the Baron and his family arrive at their destination. Mel Brooks in Young Frankenstein plays off this stark change from present day to not-quite-sure-when-or-where for laughs, but it is this blurring of past and present, an abstract recognizability, which makes Universal's horror canon so appealing, even though it was probably driven more by script and budget necessity than artful construct. http://www.zomboscloset.com/zombos_closet_of_horror_b/2009/11/son-of-frankenstein.html
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