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August 10, 2010
DVD Review: Detroit International Comedy Festival
Posted by Turk182 in DVD Reviews

You've heard of a documentary You've probably even heard of a rockumentary. Well, now here comes a comumentary! The Detroit International Comedy Festival takes an inside look at how a neighborhood comedy club works in a documentary fashion. The club in this case is the Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, Michigan, owned by Mark Ridley, who has a brief cameo in the film. With a nod to reality TV, the comumentary takes you backstage to the green room and hallways, catching glimpses of comedians interacting with one another and with the club's staff. It also includes snippets of interviews with some of the film's featured comedians spliced in between clips of their acts.

While the title of the DVD is the Detroit International Comedy Festival, it's interesting to note that the term "festival" here applies merely to the fact that there were quite a few acts appearing at the club during the filming of the DVD. It's even more interesting to note that there were apparently no "Detroit" comedians featured (well, maybe one) at the festival! Instead, Ridley brought in talent from the east coast and west coast – just none from the third coast!

Ten acts are featured in the film. Some are funny, others are eclectic, but most are, at best, average. The same can be said for the sound quality, staging, cinematography, and editing of the overall production. Many of the comedians rely on bathroom humor, sexuality, and bad language to get laughs purely from the shock value, so this isn't a DVD you should let your children watch. So, what does all this mean? Just go to a comedy club and skip the DVD! You'll have a much better time.

Rating: ONE BONE

Reviewed by W. A. Holdsworth (MovieRetriever.com DVD Critic)

Release Date: March 16, 2010

Starring: Brandon Vestal, Alycia Cooper, Tim Nutt, Michael Rayner, Eric Hunter, Mike Bonnor, Michael McDaniel, Brett Eastburn, Ryan Hamilton, and The Showoff Show
Jim Dudek
Jim Dudek

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Posted by Turk182 in DVD Reviews - August 10, 2010 at 5:08 PM
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